Type: Mirrors

Residence Inn Ghent – Guestroom

For the guest rooms in this Belgium-based hotel, Hoad & More provided a range of features to enhance the guest experience. The mirrors appear in two sizes, and offer varied lighting options and demisting. Built-in illuminated buttons help the guest shape the products to their needs. The bedside lighting is brass-finished to suit the space and is completely adjustable. Complimenting all this are the backlit Wall murals, complete with matching imagery that ties in the rooms’ interiors with Hoad & More’s work in the public areas of the hotel.

Ritz Oman

In Hoad & More’s work for the Ritz Carlton Oman’s luxurious restaurant area, we used infinity style mirrors to give the illusion of height. Set directly into the ceiling, the 1m x 1m square panels seamlessly become part of the space’s striking architecture, creating a feature that adds to the airy spacious feel of the interior. The open, effortless feel perfectly compliments the high-end aesthetic of the Ritz Carlton.

Centre Point

Hoad and More created the pictured material pallets for the iconic Centre Point building’s sales and marketing department. Each pallet details the choice of materials available when purchasing an apartment, taking inspiration from the floor coverings, stonework etc. The shape of the pallets emulate the exterior view of the Centre Point building. 

Alongside this, we worked to create bespoke, multi-layered mirror panels for the lift interiors, detailing a bespoke pattern created for Centre Point by Eley Kishimoto. These panels were manufactured from two layers of glass; mirrored and clear glass with printed details on each side to create this stunning and unique effect.

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