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Hilton Munich

The room numbering at the Hilton Hotel, Munich showcases Hoad & More’s commitment to the finer details in order to make a project work and work brilliantly. We were commissioned by Goddard Littlefair to produce a custom room number with appropriate lighting, something that matched and complimented the surroundings and existing signage. By using the colours and materials found elsewhere in the hotel we were able to design and create numbering with the rich brown outer loop as pictured, brought to life with an illuminated number set. The antique, hand-finished brass dish the numbers are set within offers exquisite colour tones and suits the rest of the hotel perfectly. From a large-scale, 300+ piece project to a single, bespoke installation, we believe in design excellence tailored to our client’s needs.

50 Kensington gardens

This project was an opportunity for Hoad & More to apply our expertise to develop a new door and wayfinding signage solution. Taking forward the concept design issued by Lynne Hunt interiors for the pictured London residential property, we set to work bringing lighting into the equation to create uniform numbering and lettering units that complimented each other and the features of the surrounding space. Each unit was supplied with a wall mounting bracket for ease of maintenance and installation. Each piece, featuring raised, laser-cut lettering or numbering, was individually illuminated by LEDs and is set proudly on a bronze frame to create clear and lasting signage, designed and manufactured with elegance in mind.

375 Kensington High street

Each block of these prestigious Berkeley Group apartments had a different design brief so our team of designers created two new products, one to compliment each block’s design. The first variation was composed of backlit fawn glass with a touch doorbell, complete with a bronze frame.  This included an illuminated scroll detail designed by Sue Faulkner for the Tai Ping carpets that were installed in the corridors. For the second variation, we supplied a brushed stainless steel push button positioned in a stone door number panel. Our versatile approach to every project allowed us to fulfil this brief to create two very different, but equally striking, results.

Donnington Manor

Hoad & More’s work for this 15th Century manor house hotel in Sevenoaks has seen us customise our door signage solutions to incorporate the clients logo, adding a personal touch to the project. Manufactured from acrylic and stainless steel, the edge-illuminated door numbers also include integrated makeup room lights and do not disturb indicators. We matched further wayfinding and signage solutions to the door signage to tie together the individual components and create a cohesive feel for guests as they explore this historic space. 

Kingsgate House – Zig Zag Building

Hoad & More designed the illuminated apartment numbers for this notable development in Victoria, London with modernity in mind. The touch button doorbells and brass-finished channel, accentuated by the full floor-to-ceiling assembly and integrated corridor lighting, knit together the details of the space seamlessly to create a sleek, high class impression. 

The Arts Club

The Arts Club is a members-only social club in Mayfair, founded in 1863. In 2015, the club underwent a complete renovation and re-launch and Hoad & More were engaged to design and manufacture a new room-numbering and locking system. We kept the club’s wealth of history in mind when working on the project and created timeless additions to the space. The technology is modern but the style we have embraced compliments the surrounding decor to maintain a consistent and elegant feel. Each door number is manufactured from brass, recessed, and side-illuminated with LEDs. The lock reader cover for the VingCard Essence lock was produced to match the club’s wooden doors, seamlessly integrating the technology into the door. We pride ourselves on our ability and enthusiasm to customise our work to suit a client’s needs, a commitment that shines through here.

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