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Type: Wall panel

1508 Private residence

This lighting installation was commissioned by 1508 for the entrance hall of a private residence. The aim was to design a relaxing flowing feature, a moving wall of light. Two 12mm thick specially patinated, hand mirrored, pieces of glass make up a wall, 5 metres long and 2.3 metres high. Behind the glass, we used a Crestron control system to programme 162 sets of LEDs to produce various lighting scenes. The result was an unusual and sophisticated entrance feature that creates a constantly changing experience for the residents.

Victorian Post Office

For this Victorian Post Office Conversion, now a high-end private residence, Hoad & More set solid crystal clear rods into concrete panels, allowing natural light to pass through and project daylight across the apartment walls. These splashes of light create a new. ever-changing surface for the walls, bringing the space to life.

Bijou Bar

Hoad & More’s solution for The Bijou Bar is inspired by our award-winning lighting design, Catherine Wheel, evoking excitement and joy in the onlooker without losing the sophistication and elegance synonymous with the Radisson brand. Whilst a striking design, the piece remains subtle with its lighting output being diffused to create a gentle illumination in keeping with the relaxing, contemporary feel of the bar.

Residence Inn Ghent – Guestroom

For the guest rooms in this Belgium-based hotel, Hoad & More provided a range of features to enhance the guest experience. The mirrors appear in two sizes, and offer varied lighting options and demisting. Built-in illuminated buttons help the guest shape the products to their needs. The bedside lighting is brass-finished to suit the space and is completely adjustable. Complimenting all this are the backlit Wall murals, complete with matching imagery that ties in the rooms’ interiors with Hoad & More’s work in the public areas of the hotel.