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50 Kensington gardens
50 Kensington gardens
  • Client:
    Interior Designer – Lynne Hunt Lighting Consultant – Xavio Design Architect – Brimelow McSweeney Architects
  • Sector:
  • Location:
  • Date:
  • Materials:
    Acrylic and tinted stainless steel
  • Deliverables:

This project was an opportunity for Hoad & More to apply our expertise to develop a new door and wayfinding signage solution. Taking forward the concept design issued by Lynne Hunt interiors for the pictured London residential property, we set to work bringing lighting into the equation to create uniform numbering and lettering units that complimented each other and the features of the surrounding space. Each unit was supplied with a wall mounting bracket for ease of maintenance and installation. Each piece, featuring raised, laser-cut lettering or numbering, was individually illuminated by LEDs and is set proudly on a bronze frame to create clear and lasting signage, designed and manufactured with elegance in mind.