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The Arts Club
The Arts Club
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    Mayfair, London
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The Arts Club is a members-only social club in Mayfair, founded in 1863. In 2015, the club underwent a complete renovation and re-launch and Hoad & More were engaged to design and manufacture a new room-numbering and locking system. We kept the club’s wealth of history in mind when working on the project and created timeless additions to the space. The technology is modern but the style we have embraced compliments the surrounding decor to maintain a consistent and elegant feel. Each door number is manufactured from brass, recessed, and side-illuminated with LEDs. The lock reader cover for the VingCard Essence lock was produced to match the club’s wooden doors, seamlessly integrating the technology into the door. We pride ourselves on our ability and enthusiasm to customise our work to suit a client’s needs, a commitment that shines through here.