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The Starburst
The Starburst
  • Client:
    Richmond International
  • Sector:
    Cruise Ships
  • Location:
  • Date:
  • Materials:
    280 Illuminated shards | 320 hand finished triangular facets
  • Deliverables:

The Starburst adorns the main atrium of P&O’s flagship cruise ship, Britannia. This striking centrepiece’s eight metre descent from the ceiling through the descending three floors comes together in an illuminated pinnacle that floats above the lower deck. This explosion of colour is emphasised and enhanced by internal and external lighting and, like its surroundings, is constantly changing. Passengers are greeted with a 360-degree view of the Starburst’s 280 illuminated shards from each of the three surrounding decks. This monumental project created exciting new challenges for Hoad & More and led to creative and innovative collaborations with industry colleagues, to deliver a focal point for the ship that reflects the exciting sights passengers set out to see around the world.